CLV Group Apartment Decor For Travelers

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to decorating their apartment. From light coloured furniture to textured drapes, your CLV Group apartment is a freshly painted, blank canvas ready for your customization as soon as you walk in the front door. Not all those who wander are lost, but when it comes to your apartment décor, you may be. If you have the travel bug, you will love our apartment décor ideas for travelers.

1. Scratch Map

Track your travels with this fun and colourful map that you can post on the wall or leave on your desk. Scratch off the areas you’ve visited to reveal pops of colour.

2. Typography Map Decal

Spruce up a bare wall with this typography world map decal.

3. Personalized Cutting Boards

Bring your travels into the kitchen with a personalized cutting board, such as the Gourmet Australia Shaped Cutting Board.

4. Vintage Suitcase Table

Create your own DIY vintage suitcase table by following the instructions here. Perfect for the hallway or at the end of your bed.

5. Atlas Cork Board Set

A cork board is great for above your desk or by the front door to leave important reminders and notes.

6. Encouraging Mat

A mat is the perfect piece for your apartment entrance that is great for both you and your pets!

7. Clocks

Decorate a wall in your CLV Group apartment with different style/size clocks that are set to the different time zones of your favourite destinations.

8. Stacked Trunks

Stack trucks for maximum impact against a wall of your choice. Include a vintage map to pull the look together.

9. Simple & Elegant

Add simple and elegant touches with the tiny treasures you pick up along the way.

10. Texture

Bring in textures and patterns from your previous trips to help you remember your time abroad.



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