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Anticipating the arrival of a new roommate can be nerve-wracking. Will you get along? Will they pick up after themselves? Will they keep the kitchen clean? Perhaps most importantly, will they like my Friday afternoon playlists? But there’s also an air of excitement that comes with a new roommate. This is an opportunity to make a new friend; someone you could share a lot of great memories with.

It’s completely normal for there to be some awkwardness at the beginning when you are living with a new roommate. Here are some activities to help break the ice with your new roommate, and maybe make a new life-long friend along the way.

Decorate Your Apartment Together

Whether you actually go out shopping together for new items to spruce up the apartment, or if you both bring your own pieces to the table, sitting down together to discuss each of your ideas for the space is a good way to start off strong with your new roommate.

Cook Dinner Together Once a Week

Try to make one night of the week a cooking night – Taco Tuesdays, anyone? This could be just the two of you, or perhaps each of you invite a few friends and make it a group dinner night.

Exercise Together

Try out a new class together, perhaps hot yoga or even a spin class. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, try joining a boot camp training session together. You can keep each other in check with cardio and meal planning throughout the week!

Invite Your Roommate Out to Meet Your Friends

You don’t have to love each others’ friends, but making the intro is a good idea. Each of your groups of friends are likely to be at the apartment some time or another, so starting to bond over a few drinks at your local watering hole is a great way to smooth the transition and skip any awkward first-time introductions in your living room.

Explore the City Together

If one or both of you is new to the city, or even new to that part of town, go out exploring together! Fill a sunny Saturday with brunch at a new spot and window shopping around your community. You may find some new shops or restaurants that you can bond over – maybe even find some fun items for the apartment!

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