Moving can be a pain, but with the right planning and organization it doesn’t have to be. Planning out your new space and putting thought into your packing strategy can save you a lot of frustration and set you up for a smooth, enjoyable moving day. Here are our tips for ensuring an easy move.

Measure and Plan the New Space

Taking time to plan out how you will be setting up your new space will help you identify what you need to bring, and perhaps what should be left behind. If your new space has no place for your big entertainment unit, there is little point disassembling it to keep it in storage. Measuring the new space and devising a plan will also help you gauge what you need to buy – maybe you need a few more lamps for the living space, or a bigger coffee table. Giving yourself time to source these pieces could help you save money, as you can shop local flea markets and garage sales for deals!

Plan Your Move

If you are planning to move on the last day of the month, begin to get ready at least a month in advance. By starting early, you will be much more organized and save yourself the headache of not knowing where anything is when you get to the new place. If you have the luxury of early access to your new apartment or condo, start moving some of your things before moving day. This will open up space in the old place where you can organize your things and pack the rest of your items in peace.

Purge While You Pack

While you’re going through all of your things to pack them in boxes anyway, it’s the perfect opportunity to purge items you’ve been carrying around and start fresh. Start the packing process early to give yourself adequate time to sort through all of your drawers and cabinets. Wherever you can, recycle or donate items that others could still make use of.

Keep Moving Boxes Organized

While you pack, make sure to label each box according to where you would like it placed in the new place on moving day. This will save you confusion when you are unpacking and will lead to a smoother move for everyone involved. Colour coding your boxes with big stickers or colourful markers is a great way to make things simple on moving day.

Pack the Moving Truck Strategically

Make sure all of the items you will want out of the truck first are packed at the back of the truck (by the door). Generally, it is best to unpack the big items first, like the couches, chairs, and kitchen table so that you can get them easily into the new place without having to tip-toe over stacks of unpacked moving boxes.

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