10 Essentials for Student Apt  
10 Essentials for your First Student Apartment
Bedroom 1. Bed: Students aren`t known for getting a lot of sleep so make the most of it with a good bed! 2. Lamp: Late night cramming sessions just aren’t possible without a solid bed-side lamp. 3. Desk: A desk is a necessity for students. It`s your work space, your dining room table, and sometimes your impromptu napping spot. Kitchen 4. Coffee Maker: Never underestimate the importance of caffeine to a student’s life. A good coffee maker can be the most valuable part of your kitchen. 5. Pots and Pans: Invest in a basic set of pots and pans. All that instant ramen and mac and cheese won’t cook itself! Bathroom 6. Towels: Don’t cheap out on an everyday essential like towels. Treat yourself to a set of plush towels, you won’t regret it! 7. Shower Curtain: Unless you’re extremely close with your roommates, a shower curtain is essential! Living Room 8. Book shelves: Textbooks add up over the years so make sure to get a book shelf big enough to hold everything you’ll need. 9. Sofa: Your friends won’t appreciate sitting on the floor so get your living area set up with a comfortable couch. 10. Art: Nothing makes an apartment into a home like adding a flair of your personality to the walls!


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