Summer Safety Tips for Dogs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our pets love summer just as much as we do! It’s important to keep in mind that warm weather can be dangerous for our furry roommates. Check out our infographic below to learn some important summer safety tips for dogs!   Summer Dog Safety Tips_Infographic  
Avoid Lilies and Azaleas
Lilies and azaleas are common backyard shrubs but they can be toxic for any pet that eats them, and just a few leaves can be fatal for some breeds.
Keep Hydrated
Make sure your dog has access to cool water both indoors and outdoors. Try adding some ice cubes or frozen chicken broth to their water dish!
Parasite Protection
Talk to your vet about protection from ticks, fleas, and other insects that are at their peak during summer months.
Campfire And Barbecue Safety
Clean your BBQ well and always be on guard when grilling food. It’s a good idea to keep Fido on a very short leash while cooking outdoors!
Use a Life Jacket
Always have your dog in a brightly-coloured life jacket when you’re out on the water. Get your dog used to wearing a life jacket in your own backyard!
Use Sunscreen
Fur does provide some protection from the sun, but you should apply a pet-safe sunblock every 3-4 hours to the barest areas, like your dog’s belly.
Keep Coats Long
While it is a good idea to cut your pet’s hair short during the summer, if your dog’s hair is brushed well, it provides circulation and helps regulate their body temperature. Sources:


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