Great Ways to Use the Corner of the Room in your CLV Group Apartment

The corners of the room may seem like wasted space, especially if you aren’t doing anything with them. Let us help you bring your apartment to life with our 9 creative ways to use the corner of any room that you can implement into your CLV Group apartment today!
Use a Sectional
Using a sectional is probably the easiest way to eliminate wasted corner space, especially in a living room. Nestle a sectional right into the corner of your living room for a coveted, comfy spot for lounging.
Sculptures & Florals
Brighten up any room by making those empty corners the new home for sculptures or plants. Larger plants will help bring shape and texture to bare corners.
Storage & Shelving
Consider placing a corner bookshelf in your apartment to help maximize storage while creating a cozy yet organized atmosphere. Also, make use of small corner shelving for a display area to house pictures, antiques and décor.
Create a Nook
Designate a corner space for reading, yoga or meditation by placing a comfortable chair, table, lamp, rug or artwork in that area.
Create a space for conversation by placing a round or octagon shaped table in the corner of the room with two chairs to invite room for conversation.
Mirrors & Galleries
Hanging a mirror in the corner creates elegance in a small area and helps to add depth and reflect light. Corners are also the perfect housing area for wall galleries.
If you don’t need a large office space, consider creating an intimate space for work in the corner of a room.
Adding oversized lamps to the corner of a room create a visual statement that will not go unnoticed. The corner will no longer be dull and forgotten! Great-Ways-to-use-the-Corners-of-your-CLV-Group-Apartment-Collage1 Great-Ways-to-use-the-Corners-of-your-CLV-Group-Apartment-Collage2  


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