Spring is here (well, it’s supposed to be), which means we’re finally starting to get our green grass for our furry friends to roll around in. Your pup is probably itching to get outdoors, and your cat is probably longing for hours of lounging at the windowsill, so we’ve compiled a list of amazing spring activities to do with your pet this season! Don’t forget to bring your camera with you to snap a pic, so that you can enter your pet into our CLV Pet Resident of the Month Contest.
Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk
With the warmer weather, your pup is sure to enjoy more time outdoors. Consider taking your dog on longer walks than you did throughout the winter to help them stretch their legs and enjoy some much needed time outside of your apartment. You can take this time to explore the nearby shops, or if your dog is active, you can begin taking them on runs with you (this is sure to tucker him or her out for the night). You can also consider taking your pup hiking or to nearby parks and trails which will allow them to explore and discover new sights and smells! For a list of off-leash dog parks in Ontario, click here. Click here if you live in Quebec. For a list of dog-friendly hiking trails click here (for Ontario) or here for Quebec.
Don’t forget to grab your Frisbees, tennis balls and stuffed animals and find an area for your pup to practice their coordination skills. Your pup will love having more room to fetch outside of your apartment!
Go on doggy dates with your pup (yes, we’re serious). Your pup is probably longing for some friends after being secluded for most of the winter. Visit your building’s dog run (if you have one) or consider meeting some of your neighbours and starting a puppy social group. Your pups will love spending time together!
Get to School
If your pooch is still a pup, it is important to get them all trained up with basic commands. The outdoors definitely have a lot of distractions, which means it can be the PAWfect place to test your dog’s listening skills.
Go Shopping + Give Your Pet a New Look
Look up some dog-friendly shops that won’t mind you both going inside such as pet stores or cafes. The more time the two of you can spend together outdoors, the better! If you recall our post on shedding, you know that a change in season calls for some special attention to your pet’s fur. Consider getting a haircut for your pup or a grooming session for your cat to help them relieve some of their winter coat.
Let us know where you will be adventuring to with your pet this spring in the comments below!


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