Smart Storage Ideas for Your CLV Group Apartment

Apartment living does not mean that you have to make do with less, you just need to be smart about storage ! Smart storage solutions not only diminish clutter in your apartment, but allow for organization as well. Follow our smart storage ideas to make the most of the space in your CLV Group apartment.

  1. Hide it

The easiest way that people generally store their items is simply by hiding them (who hasn’t shoved a pile of paperwork in a closet before a guest arrives?). Although this may be convenient, it does not allow for organization. When in doubt, consider using an ottoman to house items that you don’t need left out in the open 24/7. Ottomans are great because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used in any room. Take for example a bench ottoman for your apartment entrance way to house shoes, jackets or bags, a stool ottoman for your living room to house books or television remotes, or an ottoman at the end of your bed for towels or extra blankets.  If you are someone who keeps a lot of paperwork or bills spread out on tables, try using a filing system or accordion to keep all of your paperwork organized and out of the way. If you find shoes begin to pile up at your entrance, invest in a shoe rack to keep all of your footwear organized (you can even tuck a shoe rack in closet to make use of the floor space while keeping your wardrobe tidy). Lastly, some bedframes come with built in storage beneath. These are great for providing additional space for clothing or personal items that remain tucked away for a sleek appearance.


Consider using a bedframe that includes underneath storage for convenience!

  1. Hang It

Do you have a bicycle, artwork, souvenirs or smaller décor that you want displayed but you can’t seem to find an available place to put them? Consider hanging them up! Most of our CLV Group apartments provide bicycle racks for you convenience, but should you want to keep your bike in your apartment, consider having a place where you can hang it up to get it out of the way, but also act as décor in your apartment at the same time. If you have plenty of artwork and not enough tables, desks or counters to place them on, consider creating a gallery wall to spruce up your wall and create more space in the room itself by taking potential clutter off of furniture and placing it elegantly onto the wall. You can also take items out of the room and place them onto the wall with the use of shelves. Floating shelves are the perfect place to organize and showcase souvenirs and smaller décor items.


You can even use shelving or rods in the kitchen to organize your everyday items for accessibility or to house your overflow.

  1. Store it

Storage systems are great for keeping your items neatly tucked away in any room whether you are using a bookcase, shelving unit or cabinet. Bookcases and shelving units are great for bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms and most are deep enough to be used with storage baskets so that you can neatly keep items tucked away. Storage systems are also great for the living room, and Ikea offers plenty that can be worked around your television for convenience.

Storage systems are great for children’s rooms as well!

Storage systems are great for children’s rooms as well!


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