How to Maintain Light Coloured Furniture in Your CLV Group Apartment

With the nice weather here, you’ve probably spruced up your apartment with light coloured furniture and accents to help brighten the room and add a fresh and clean appearance. You’re also probably worried that your light coloured décor and furniture will become ruined, especially if you live with kids or pets!  Follow our tips and tricks to maintaining your light coloured furniture this spring/summer in your CLV Group apartment.

One thing to note when decorating with light colours, is accepting the fact that dirt and smudges will happen, and you may have to clean your décor regularly. However, this may not be a bad thing. If you have dark coloured furniture, chances are you don’t clean it as often as you should, simply because you can’t see the dirt as well as you would if your décor was lighter.

One of the simplest ways to take care of light coloured sofas and chairs is to invest in staple pieces that you know you can take care of. For example, choose a sofa with a slipcover, so that you can easily throw them in the wash; the same goes for your decorative pillows! To clean the rest of your sofa, consider investing in a portable carpet cleaner that is easy to use. Take for example the Bissell Little Green Machine. This compact cleaner is perfect for fabric sofas.

Being conscious is another way to take care of your light coloured furniture (even though it’s not that convenient). Being conscious of your day-to-day actions can help improve the longevity of your light coloured décor. For example, try not to eat, drink or paint your nails around your light sofa, or use adequate place mats, napkins and coverings to help ensure that the inevitable spills won’t stain. Consider moving your furniture around. This not only helps to mix things up in your apartment, but will help to rotate your furniture and ensure that some of your décor won’t fade faster than others. Also, try to switch up where you sit to ensure that one area does not sag more than another, and fluff your pillows to maintain their shape.

For more information on cleaning your light coloured furniture, click here.

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