Personalizing your CLV Group apartment balcony is a great way to get you outdoors, and take advantage of an amazing feature of your home.

Your balcony is your oasis, and you can completely customize it for a number of uses. We have compiled the best ways to decorate your CLV Group apartment balcony, so you can spend some quality time outdoors in your balcony sanctuary.


Add colour to your balcony with greenery. Whether you simply love the appearance of florals and greenery, or want to create your own balcony garden, you can customize your balcony to suit your gardening needs.


Create a meditation area on your balcony by incorporating rugs and mats on the floor, and a space for images or lights on a side table. Your balcony is the perfect place for relaxing. You can also use your balcony for light exercise, stretching or yoga. Simply keep your yoga mat outside and unroll it when you want to destress or stretch after a long day. You can even watch the sun come up or go down, providing the perfect view.


Set up a small table with chairs so that you have the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee or a late night meal.


Consider placing a small bench or couch on your balcony with blankets and pillows for comfort. This will be the perfect nook to cozy in under the stars, as well as a great place to curl up and read a book on the weekend.

However you choose to decorate your balcony, make it your own! Let us know how you have decorated your CLV Group apartment balcony in the comments below, or tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the handle @clvgroup for a chance to be featured on our page!


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