Thinking Of Bringing A Cat Into Your Home? Read This First.

It’s officially spring time, the buds are blossoming, the birds are chirping, and it’s KITTEN SEASON! For many, this is the time where you either grit your teeth and fight the urge to adopt every kitten on the planet, or you give in to your innermost desire and bring home a tiny fur baby who needs a loving forever home.

If you’re in the group of zero self-control, fear not, you’re not alone. And we’ve prepared a list of things you may or may not have considered before you take the leap to being a cat parent. The list is as follows:

Litterbox tips:
  • It should be 1.5X bigger than the cat.
  • It should be where there’s people or stuff going on. Most owners hide it because it’s a litter box, but cats like it near people.
  • Scoop every day. Sometimes twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. This will ensure that the smell won’t get out of control, if you’re in a small space this makes a big difference.
  • Don’t put the litter box beside the food, they’re not into mixing the two (can you blame them?)
  • If you switch litter boxes (some people get a small one for a kitten then upgrade to a larger one as the kitty grows) take some of the old litter and put it in the new box so they know where to go.
  • Even though cats can navigate the dark well, it’s still a good idea to keep a light near the litter box to find it easier.
Scratchy Things

If you want to save your furniture from the inevitable claw marks that your lil buddy would happily apply – you’ll want something they can scratch.

Did you know?

Scratching is also used as an emotional release or displacement behaviour. When your kitty is anxious, happy, excited or frustrated, he can release some of that built-up emotion by scratching. It’s healthy!

Keeping Busy

If you’re not at home all day, cats get bored. Especially if they’re in small spaces. You can subscribe to pet supplies companies like Meowbox that does research and sends a monthly box filled with cat treats and toys. It’s a nice option because you can get a variety of toys and figure out what your cat likes best.

Om Nom Nom

According to vets, you’re supposed to feed a cat 4 times a day because it’s better for their health. Since you might not have time to feed your kitty that often, you can get a smartfeeder that tells you the quality of the cat food, and when it’s running low.

Tip: When you feed your cat or program a feeder, keep the schedule consistent so that your cat isn’t asking for food at random times.

Garbage Cans

Cats will always knock these over and jump right in. You should either put it in a cabinet or get one with a closed top rather than learning this the hard way.

Whatever kind of kitty you get, big or small, long or short hair, or no hair at all – the biggest and most important thing to do is to love it to bits! Good luck and happy cuddling!


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