How to Use OneNote to Organize Your Life

Do you love being organized, or strive to become more organized? If so, OneNote is for you.

OneNote is essentially a digital binder that travels with you and syncs across all of your devices, allows you to work with others and share your notebooks for editing, and helps to keep everything together including your thoughts, to-do lists and notes. OneNote even lets you clip from the web and send yourself emails that will go directly into your notebook.

Whether you want to use OneNote for professional or personal reasons, it doesn’t matter! You can simply create different notebooks for different uses, and allow your organization to transpire!

How You Can Use OneNote
Manage a List

Whether you need a shopping list or a work to-do list, you can easily create lists in OneNote that you can check off as you go. Simply open OneNote>Insert>Page Templates>Planners, or to make a simple list, under the home tab, click To Do Tag.

Clip from the Web

Did you see an article or image that you want to reference later? Create a new section in your notebook and label it. Use your camera on your cellphone to take a picture and “print” it using OneNote as the printer. Your image will show up in your OneNote notebook.


Whether you’re in a meeting or an interview that you would like to look back on later, OneNote can help you transcribe your conversation. When your meeting is going to begin, click Insert>Record Audio. (Make sure to request the interviewer’s permission to record your interview before you begin).

Organize Files

Do you have a lot of files that you need to keep track of? Consider creating a notebook for that specific topic or project. Like a binder, you can organize by section and heading. OneNote is also searchable, so you will be able to find the page you are looking for much easier than searching through a binder full of printed paper.

Watch the below video to help you get ready for your next meeting or project.

OneNote Hacks

Use these hacks to help you become a OneNote ninja and begin organizing your life from home to work.

– Use the shortcut key CtRL+1 to add succeeding items in your to-do list

– We don’t always want to type our notes or thoughts, and sometimes need a space to doodle. Click on the Draw tab and use any of the numerous tools to represent your ideas

– Under the draw tab, click on rule lines to change your paper type. Choose from grid, lined and more!

– Make your audio and video files searchable by clicking Audio & Video Settings>Options>Audio and Video>Click on “Enable searching audio and video recordings for words”

– Password protect your confidential sections by clicking File>Password Protect this section

For full details on how you can organize your life with OneNote and the difference between daily notes and organized notes, click here.


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