Fun + Friendly Kids’ Room Ideas for your CLV Group Apartment

Now that you have finished your spring cleaning, you may find that you have extra space in your CLV Group apartment. Do you have a little one that could use some additional space for a playroom, or do you need some tips to update an existing children’s area? Look no further; we have compiled our fun and friendly kids’ room ideas for you to try in your CLV Group apartment. Check them out below!

1. Stations + Storage

The best way to keep your playroom organized is to have designated spaced for everything. Shelves and cubbies are great options because they provide a polished appearance and allow your supplies to stay organized. Consider using labeled baskets to house supplies such as paper, crayons blocks etc. to keep them out of the way (plus, the labeling will help you locate them when needed). Stations also help with organization as they create sections within the room. For example, the table and chairs would be designated for arts and crafts, the rug could be the spot for building blocks or reading!

 2. Art Attack

If your children love to draw, scribble, paint or more, consider investing in a chalkboard. Not only will this result in less mess than painting, for example, but it will be a great décor addition to any room! Also, consider framing your children’s doodles around the house or in their playroom to create a mini art gallery (they will feel so proud that you love their work, and it will add colour and customization to your walls).

 3. Colour

We know that children engage best with colourful objects, so it is important to ensure that their rooms incorporate a variety of colours (especially if the rest of your apartment uses neutral tones). Consider letting your little one pick out a colour for one of the walls, and make this a statement piece in your apartment, or try incorporating these colours into accessories such as curtains, pillows or rugs to brighten up the room.

 4. Accessorize with Patterns + Textures

Sometimes kids just want to play on the floor, and we can’t blame them (especially if they have a fun floor design). Consider investing in a patterned rug and pillows that are fun and modern, yet sophisticated enough that your kids won’t grow out of them.

 5. Play Tent

Tents are all the rage right now. Whether it’s for your children or for your pet, they are sure to love this functional little getaway.

Let us know how you’ve created fun and functional kids’ spaces in your apartment in the comments below!


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