Whether you work from home, need a quiet place to work on a school assignment, or need a relaxing oasis, an at-home office is a great investment! At-home workspaces are great because they provide you with the space and supplies you need to get additional tasks done during or after the work day and they can be fully customized to suit your needs.


Consider where you want your at-home office space to be. At this point, it is important to ask yourself some valuable questions. How much room can you afford to give up? How much space do you actually need to devote to your office? Do you want to be near a window? Asking yourself these questions will help to determine where your office space should be. It is important to note that “office” does not necessarily mean that you need to devote an entire room to a fully functioning office, but, you can consider delegating part of a room to office “space” which will provide you with enough room to get organized, and remain functional. If you will only be using your office space occasionally, you can consider setting up a smaller space in an already furnished room, but if you are looking for somewhere where you can work from home or bang out a school paper, you should consider a space that will provide you with the privacy you need.

Anticipate Distractions

If you are not used to doing some work at home, it is important to source out what your potential distractions may be, so that you can clearly determine the best location for your office space. Try to steer clear of rooms with TV’s or large windows if noise is of concern.

Functionality + Investment

When creating your workspace, functionality should be top of mind. Knowing how you are going to accommodate the space you have chosen is key to creating an ergonomically friendly and inviting workspace. Also, consider investing in the items you need versus the items you want. If a comfortable chair is most important to you, invest your budget on the chair and use a desk you already own. Make use of the items you already have to help you stay on budget.


Your at-home office will be your oasis away from the workplace, and you are free to make it your own! Incorporate your personality into your office design so that you can become connected to it, and chances are, you won’t mind checking your emails at night if you are headed to your newly decorated office space in the luxury of your own home. Try decorating with colours, patterns or artwork that are reminiscent of you.

Do you have an at-home office in your CLV Group home? Share your photos with us at social@clvgroup.com!


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