Apartment Pets 101 (Part 3 of 3): How to Adjust Your Pet to Your New CLV Group Home

Welcome to Part 3 of our “Apartment Pets 101” series! If you missed our last two posts, click here for Part 1 and Part 2!

Now that you’ve moved into your new apartment and “pet proofed” your apartment, it is time to help your pet adjust to their new home! Just like humans, pets may become overwhelmed with the moving experience and it is not uncommon to find that their attitude or mood changes during this transition.

Be Consistent

Keeping your pet on their regular schedule is important during a move. If you keep your pets feeding times or walks the same, they’ll find comfort in routines that they are used to. If your pet has a favourite sleeping spot, try to recreate it in your new home.

Explore Your New Surroundings

Your pet may be feeling overwhelmed because they’re not used to your new home and may feel afraid of the unknown.

Help your pet overcome this fear by getting them used to your new surroundings. If your pet is finding comfort in one room and not others, try getting them used to other rooms by putting their favourite toys in each space, or by staying with them while they check it out.

Take your dog on a walk around the building so he/she can explore the surroundings and get used to the new environment.

Find new activities to do with your pet that you couldn’t do at your previous home to help your pet forget about the old and become excited about the new! Have you always wanted to visit a dog park but there wasn’t one near your previous home? Check online to see if your new home has a dog park or pet friendly space nearby.

Get Involved

At CLV Group, we are 100% pet friendly. This means that you are more than likely to run into another resident who has a pet. Consider getting to know your neighbours at one of the many events hosted at your property or one near it; you may be able to find a walking buddy or set up a play date with your pets!

Be Patient

All good things come with time. Although your pet may seem scared or anxious during this this transitional period, they will eventually warm up to their new home.

We hope that you and your pets love your CLV Group home, and we love seeing all of our furry residents!

Consider submitting your pet for “Pet Resident of the Month” by emailing us a photo of your pet to social@clvgroup.com!


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