18th Annual Ron Kolbus Memorial Charity Golf Tournament!

This past year CLV Group had an amazing team working to put together the 18th Annual Ron Kolbus Charity Golf Tournament, and it couldn’t have been a better, brighter or more lively day! Every golfer and volunteer was buzzing with energy, enjoying the fantastic weather and the atmosphere of everyone coming together to support our core charities. Plus, we couldn’t stop our sponsors from giving more than their initial donations throughout the entire day! All in all, we are very proud to announce that we have raised a total of…


This amount not only surpasses our goal for this year, it makes our combined total of funds raised for charity over $2.2 million! All of which has gone to Habitat for Humanity NCR, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Ottawa, The Olde Forge Community Resource Centre, Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa, Easter Seals Ontario, The Snowsuit Fund, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Kidney Research Centre, and Christie Lake Kids! These were the core charities that Ron Kolbus had a part in, and we are proud to continue on his spirit and his work.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in making this event a huge success! Congrats to the whole CLV Group crew and our amazing sponsors, we’ve accomplished quite the feat!

Click here to see our photos from the day!


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