Located just east of Ottawa’s downtown core, Sandy Hill is a modern-urban neighbourhood with a whole lot of local entertainment and amenities geared towards students and young professionals. Sandy Hill is unique in the sense that it has the perfect balance between convenient, bustling city life and the privacy and quiet of a park-like setting (thanks to the beautiful Strathcona Park!).

Have you just moved to the area? Looking for a new apartment soon? We love this neighbourhood, and we’re here to give you a run-down of everything AWESOME about Sandy Hill.

From where to get the best price for beer to parking bylaws, we’ve got you covered. We picked out the best tips from a Reddit thread on the area to help you get acquainted with your new home. Read on!

1. “Get your beer on the Quebec side” – heredago

This tip is golden. Taxes on alcohol differ from Quebec to Ontario, and there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of that fact when the border is just a short drive away. Your student budget will thank you!

2. “Shawarma palace on Rideau is simply the best.. You will never have better shawarma. BUT! go on off hours. There is always a 10 – 15 minute line up from 6pm to 2am.They keep expanding but it just makes the lines longer lol. Guess being the best has its price” – tiggymartin

Ottawa is well known for its high shawarma to person ratio, and this place stands out amongst the crowd. Not only does it offer cheap eats, it’s delicious and caters to every different diet you can think of! Vegetarians welcome.

3. “If you have a car and need to park on the street, subscribe to the city’s parking warning mailing list, as it is against bylaw to park overnight when Environment Canada expects 7cm or more of snow” –tactimon

This has saved our butts many a time. Highly recommend.

4. “Favourite place to eat is Father and Sons restaurant, depending on your age it might be a sweet spot, and the park along the Rideau River towards the East End of Sandy Hill is an awesome spot to just hang out, walk your dog, or go for a run” – kylemac23

Father and Sons = delicious. And taking a walk along the Rideau River will not only be a daily option for you, it’s also the best way to get over a late night of studying.

5. “Albion Rooms is a great place to go to hangout. Amazing food, inventive and delicious cocktails, free wifi & printing.” – dj_destroyer

This place covers it all!

6. “I recommend getting a bus pass or a bike (get a heavy duty bike lock though, there’s a lot of bike theft in Ottawa) and explore places like the Glebe, Center town, Chinatown, Westboro, and beyond! If you go out to Hintonburg, there’s this amazing donut place called Suzy Qs that is well worth checking out.” – andlife

Biking, not only a great way to get some exercise, also a free form of transportation! After you buy your bike lock, that is.

For more info on the best cafés, where to satisfy your late night cravings, and Sandy Hill’s best kept secret, check out our own Sandy Hill blog post here!


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