Located just east of Ottawa’s downtown core, Sandy Hill is a modern urban neighbourhood with a whole lot of local entertainment and awesome amenities geared towards everyone from students to established professionals. Sandy Hill is unique in the sense that it has the perfect balance between convenient, lively city life and a calm, nature-filled park-like setting.

This community is one of Ottawa’s oldest, most culturally diverse neighborhoods. A leisurely stroll throughout the area will showcase many historical homes that are now filled with dignitaries and diplomats, as well as many little restaurants, cafes and shops.

CLV Group sandy hill properties

With such close proximity to downtown, Sandy Hill is well served by Ottawa public transit with several routes and major stations at Campus, Rideau, and Lees Avenue. Along with encompassing most of the Ottawa University campus and lifestyle, there are also plenty of elementary and high schools in the area, serving the large population of middle class families and dignitaries in the area.

What’s especially good about this ‘hood is the beautiful and super eventful Strathcona Park!

Have you just moved to the area? Looking for a new apartment soon? We love this neighbourhood, and we’re here to give you a run-down of everything AWESOME about Sandy Hill.

From a top-notch coffee shop to Sandy Hill’s best kept secret, we’ve got you covered here at the CLV Group blog. Read on!


As usual, caffeine is first and foremost.

The best place in Sandy Hill to get awesome and delicious fair trade coffee is at TAN (The Alternative Network), located at 317 Wilbrod Street. That’s right, skip the Starbucks and give your local coffee shop a new, dedicated customer! You won’t just be helping out your neighbor (aka: the owner, who chooses Sandy Hill as her home), you’ll also be creating a higher demand for more fair trade, ethically run businesses. And a lot of the time – the service is just better!

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When you google “Sandy Hill best coffee” the first three results are for TAN, and for good reason. Organic, Fair Trade, Single origin, freshly roasted coffee… What else could you ask for? Maybe a selfie with that adorable older gentleman… Maybe.

Satisfy your late night hanger

The best place to grab a drink and a bite to eat, after the usual closing hours, is the Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill, located at 321 Somerset Street East. Some of the best (and most unique) items on their menu are their butter chicken poutine, Super Happy Bacon cheeseburger, and their awesome fish tacos! Open late, with a liquor license and good eats – Sounds like you’re all set!

Some of our favourite reviews of the Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill from Google:

“Even the ketchup is homemade and is delicious!” – A Google User

“The Massive Molly burger is a whole other issue.. best I have ever had.” – A Google User

“Friendly Staff, great food and AMAZING prices!” – Sara Valentino

 For a place that is open late AND has a 93% approval rating on urbanspoon, get your midnight tacos while they’re hot right here!

Places to print

Knowing where you can get your stuff printed, their business hours, whether or not you need an account before printing… These are all things that are best known BEFORE you are in a printing pinch. Take a short jaunt around your neighbourhood and check out the one closest to you!

docUcentre @ 85 University Private

doc u centre map, printing places in sandy hill

Merriam Print @ 226 Laurier Ave E


Laurier Office Mart Inc @ 252 Laurier Ave E

marriam print map, laurier office mart inc map

Budget Copy And Printing @ 358 Rideau St

budget copy and printing, ottawa, sandy hill

The clear-cut choices

Now that we’re all mature adults (don’t look over here), the occasional trip to the hair dresser is a necessity!

Here are a few of the most central Sandy Hill barbershops and salons. Don’t be a foo, get yourself a cool doo.

Joe’s @ 304 Wilbrod Street


Lucas Nault @ 232 Laurier Ave E

Barbers in Ottawa Sandy Hill

 Joseph’s @ 334 Somerset St E

salon in ottawa sandy hill

Anderson @ 115 Mann Ave

salons in ottawa sandy hill

Sandy Hill’s best kept secret

Every neighbourhood has its own little “hole in the wall” restaurant or pub that deserves a far wider-spread reputation – which you kind of secretly hope they never get, because then you could never get a table! Sandy Hill’s best kept secret is the Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise Vegetarian Restaurant, located at 167 Laurier Avenue East. And yes, that’s the official name. With consistent 5 star reviews on Google, 4.5/5 stars via Yelp, and a 96% rating on Urbanspoon, this place is a local treasure!

The only bad review was from this guy, who clearly didn’t get passed the first 3 words in the restaurant’s name:

silly google review for sandy hill vegetarian restaurant

The first thing you walk up to at Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise is a little blue door at the street level of an apartment building. Once you walk in you are greeted by peaceful and simple interior with a calm atmosphere. With little less than 10 chairs and no overbearing music to be heard, this is the perfect place to catch up with friends over a delicious bowl of homemade curry, vegetables and basmati rice. For a place with incredibly friendly staff, cheap eats, and healthy/delicious food, this little location reigns supreme. Make sure NOT to tell your friends 😉

Loving the sound, look and feel to this neighbourhood? Sandy Hill is a great Ottawa community, and we are happy to be part of it! We have some of the best properties in the area, and we may have some vacancies if you are looking to rent! Just call us today to get into one of our great Sandy Hill locations – Tel: 613-702-3330

CLV Group sandy hill properties


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