While patio season is universally understood as a summer perk, and it’s still technically Spring, we just can’t help ourselves! It’s beautiful outside, it’s been a long winter, and all we can think of is hitting the patio in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa!

The best places in Ottawa to grab a seat outside are most definitely the many restaurants lined along Elgin Street. Dotted throughout this neighbourhood are some of the best patios in Ottawa! With so many choices, how do you decide on the perfect one for your much-needed morning/afternoon/night of relaxing? Oh the humanity!

Here at CLV Group, we did the work for you of finding out where to get the best service, the coldest drinks, and the finest variety of alcohol. While the weather can be unpredictable, our choices of the best patios on Elgin Street are not!

Grab your sunhat and let’s get a drink!

1. St. Louis Bar and Grill, Wings and Ribs

399 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1M9

Any place that has a dedicated outdoor Tiki Bar has our vote! This restaurant has lots of outdoor seating, but it fills up pretty quickly! Lucky for us, they take reservations.

st. louis - Copy tiki

 2. The Lieutenant’s Pump

361 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1M9

We love this street-level patio and huge selection of beer, wine and hearty food. They also believe that people with vegetarian and gluten-free diets should be able to go to a pub with their friends and have more than some lettuce with dressing! Kudos! With legitimate vegetarian and gluten-free menu options, we suggest the Pump for a gathering of family and/or friends! They have the space and the variety to satisfy everyone.

The patio’s open at The Pump!

elgin street patio the pump ottawa the pump 4 - Copy

3. MacLaren’s on Elgin

301 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2N9

We were pleasantly surprised by MacLaren’s on Elgin’s cool side-patio with their natural features! There’s nothing like having the option to take off your sandals while having a cold drink at your table. With some nice outdoor potted plants, they’ve really made their outdoor space as garden-like as possible in the middle of the city! The grass may be fake, but their summer spirit is not – We love it!

4. The Fox & the Feather Pub & Grill

283 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1M1

We highly recommend checking out the great roof top patio at the Fox & the Feather Pub & Grill! It’s the only one on Elgin Street like it – Trust us, we checked. If you love to get as close to that summer sun as possible while getting great views of the neighbourhood at the same time, walk across the street to this fine establishment!

We asked for the most colourful drink on their menu and this delightfully bright concoction landed on our table moments later. Lots of ice, lots of blue, lots of great service.

5. Sir John A Pub

284 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1M3

Here at Sir John A Pub you will find a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and the largest selection of draft beers in Centretown! For a group of friends with diverse drink orders, Sir John A Pub will have a beer to satisfy any taste while out on their spacious patio!

As the pub with the longest history on the block (Sir John A has been an established part of the Elgin Street neighbourhood for over 117 years!) and the best mix of shade and sunlight, we highly recommend spending your lunch hour at this local gem.

Cheers to a great summer!

From all of us at CLV Group.


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