Welcome to the beautiful and lively London, Ontario! Our property at 939 Western is ideal for students attending Western University who are interested in the perks of off-campus housing. Living on campus is not always the best case scenario for everyone, and 939 has been catered to students to provide a great alternative to university residence!


Here at the apartment units at 939 Western, CLV Group has updated the building into a perfect fit for students and young professionals, while the location was already a stellar match from the beginning! A regular bus actually comes to the front doors of the building EVERY 5-7 MINUTES to pick up students and bring them to their classes, which are just minutes away. Students are practically on campus at this point. These apartments are more than just their strategic and convenient location, they also have been recently renovated with some really cool features that make it better than your average apartment building. 939 Western is starting off the school year with brand new appeal!

If you are a Western University student or young professional and are looking for a place to call home for the next few years, finding a great off campus apartment that has convenient amenities is not always an easy A. Students’ needs are different from other types of residents because they need living spaces that are conductive to both quiet and comfortable all-nighters, as well as a place where they can entertain or host friends and colleagues. CLV Group thought long and hard on how to strike a balance between the two, and they renovated their building at 939 Western to accommodate the perfect student and young adult lifestyle and needs. CLV Group did some intense demo of this building and built it up into the clean, updated, secure and modern building that it is now – all with students in mind.  First things first, how do the units look? Each apartment in 939 Western is quiet, clean and updated with NEWLY RENOVATED kitchens and bathrooms. 939 Western offers spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments for rent. If you’re looking for high-quality living in London, you’ve found it here:

939-western-Aug-2014-unit 939-western-Aug-2014-living-room2

And now for a peak into the brand new, student-focused bonus rooms…

This is where the building’s amenities come in. Don’t just pay for rent and get any old apartment. Pay for rent and get access to a games room, a study lounge with a printer and FREE Wi-Fi centre, a fitness center (say buh-bye to that monthly gym membership), yoga center, and bike storage!! Skip student housing and all of the rules, regulations, and cramped quarters that go along with it, and be the one of your group that has the place friends actually want to go to – at  a price that doesn’t cut into the precious beer/pizza fund.

Here are some of the reasons why this building is superior to the rest. At 939 Western, you’ll get the quiet life you crave with all the amenities you deserve. This building offers:

1. New common room with gaming station, ping pong & more


2. New study lounge with computer, printer & wi-fi

Aug20 2014 939 Western London_HDR_27

3. New fitness and yoga centre


4. Recently renovated kitchens and bathrooms


5. Bike storage, parking and on-site laundry


6. Pet friendly apartments, so you don’t have to choose your degree over spending time with your fur buddy!

shutterstock_school pet friendly

London is a gorgeous student-town extraordinaire, and that’s why we decided to tailor 939 Western to exactly that – young professional life, and how to get the very best from it. We are exceptionally pet friendly, have permanent on site staff, gorgeously maintained courtyard and gardens, building security and a unit that is PERFECT for you.  Make your apartment the ultimate hangout at 939 Western.


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