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If you are renting in Ottawa, the new waste pick-up schedule is sure to be of significant importance to you. When renting an apartment in a shared complex, one of the struggles you as a tenant may have to deal with is a shared garbage disposal room. Garbage rooms in apartments are generally small, enclosed areas with little ventilation, and any left over trash can start to smell.

Now that the City of Ottawa has implemented its new bi-weekly garbage collection plan, the struggle just got a little bit harder.

Ottawa residents are already complaining about garbage piling up just two weeks after the new program started.

The change in schedule is supposed to save the City of Ottawa around $10 million annually while reducing the impact on the Trail Road landfill. None of that will help residents avoid the consequences of having to deal with an extra weeks worth of garbage though.

Here are some tips that may help apartment renters:
  • Avoid purchasing disposable products
  • Buy in bulk
  • Use refillable products
  • Convert to reusable grocery bags
  • Use washable cloths
  • Start composting
  • Use travel mugs for coffee

For a complete schedule of your new garbage pick-up times, check the collection calendar here.


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