LocatedjusteastofthedowntowncoreandencompassingmuchoftheOttawaUniversitycampus,SandyHillisamodernurbanneighbourhoodwithawholelotofactivitiesandamenitiestoofferitsresidents.Withsuchcloseproximitytodowntown,SandyHilliswellservedbyOttawapublictransitwithseveralroutesandmajorstationsatCampus,Rideau,andLeesAvenue.AlongwithencompassingmostoftheOttawaUniversitycampusandlifestyle,therearealsoplentyofelementaryandhighschoolsinthearea,servingthelargepopulationofmiddleclassfamiliesanddignitaries.What’sespeciallygoodaboutthis‘hoodisthebeautifulandsupereventfulStrathconaPark!SandyHillisagreatOttawacommunity,andwearehappytobepartofit!HereatCLVGroup,wehavesomeofthebestapartmentsforrentintheSandyHill,Ottawaneighbourhood,andourpropertiesMAYhavesomevacanciestodayifyouarelookingtorent!Justcallustodaytoseewhatisavailablerightnow!Tel:  ,oruseourgreatmatchingtooltofindthePERFECTapartmentforyourbudgetandlifestyledesires:http://bit.ly/FUpxqYoureallycanhaveitallwhenyoumakeMacLareninCentretownOttawayourhomebase!LocatedjustaroundthecornerfromtrendyElginStreetyoucanhavedirectaccesstoalltheeclecticshops,diningandentertainmentCentretownOttawaprovides.GetthebestoneortwobedroomapartmentrentalsinOttawa'smostsoughtafterGoldenTriangleneighbourhood,andgetyoururbanlifestylestartedintheheartofdowntown!


Located just east of the downtown core and encompassing much of the Ottawa University campus, Sandy Hill is a modern urban neighbourhood with a whole lot of activities and amenities to offer its residents.

With such close proximity to downtown, Sandy Hill is well served by Ottawa public transit with several routes and major stations at Campus, Rideau, and Lees Avenue. Along with encompassing most of the Ottawa University campus and lifestyle, there are also plenty of elementary and high schools in the area, serving the large population of middle class families and dignitaries.

What’s especially good about this ‘hood is the beautiful and super eventful Strathcona Park!

Sandy Hill is a great Ottawa community, and we are happy to be part of it! Here at CLV Group, we have some of the best apartments for rent in the Sandy Hill, Ottawa neighbourhood, and our properties MAY have some vacancies today if you are looking to rent! Just call us today to see what is available right now! Tel: 613-702-3330, or use our great matching tool to find the PERFECT apartment for your budget and lifestyle desires, here.

You really can have it all when you make 218 MacLaren in Centretown Ottawa your home base! Located just around the corner from trendy Elgin Street you can have direct access to all the eclectic shops, dining and entertainment Centretown Ottawa provides. Get the best one or two bedroom apartment rentals in Ottawa’s most sought after Golden Triangle neighbourhood, and get your urban lifestyle started in the heart of downtown!

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