Why You Should Go With a Property Management Group – Part Three

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Previously, we brought to your attention reasons to rent with a property management group. Here’s a quick review:

1. Selection is higher; more apartments are available within one group.

2. Payment is easier with options such as post-dated cheques and pre-authorized deposit plans.

3. Management is professional, thus paperwork and leases are secure and legal.

4. Maintenance is consistent due to preventative measures and 24 hour emergency services available.

5. Safety is ensured by some property management groups with the Multi-Housing Crime Free program.

If these five reasons aren’t compelling enough for you, let’s consider one more aspect:

Avoid Scams

By renting directly from a legitimate property management group you are avoiding the possibility of being scammed. Rental scams are everywhere, especially when searching the Internet or dealing with an individual offering a property to rent directly from them. Property management saves the trouble of not only potentially falling into a scam, but also saves you the time it may take to discover that an offer is a scam. There are times where you may not realize that a scam is taking place until viewing the property, however by then you may have already invested time into assuming the unit is being offered for rent legitimately. Property management groups ensure you are safe from scams.

Whichever direction you choose, we hope your hunt for the perfect apartment goes as smoothly as possible!

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